Mrs. Eleanor Hill

from Mrs. Eleanor Hill:

'Mr. Hatke is a unique person because he has so many attributes that determine good character. He is capable, caring, concerned, friendly, gentle, honest, kind, patient, respectful, and tireless. He is an ideal realtor, highly recommended to fulfill all needs.'

Mr. & Mrs. John Hunt

from Mr. & Mrs. John Hunt:

'I am a tough customer and you are an incredible agent. Norm follows through on his promises. Thanks Norm. You are an exceptional real estate agent.

Ms. Penney McRoy

from Ms. Penney McRoy:

'Norm's communication skills, organization skills and research methods on behalf of the buyer are excellent. He asked lots of questions, listened to me and took the time to really understand my priorities. I've recommended him to several friends and family members, and look forward to working with him again when I'm ready to move.'

Drs. Michael & Patricia Grant

from Drs. Michael & Patricia Grant:

'We were limited by how much we could spend, and we had little time to find the right home for us. You helped us find a home below the price we thought we'd have to spend and well within the amount of time we had available to search. We now have a great home in Atlanta and we owe it all to you!'